When litigation is the only path forward, the trial team at the Law Offices of Kamyar R. Shayan is prepared to advocate vigorously on your behalf in court. With extensive experience across various legal domains, our trial lawyers blend comprehensive litigation expertise with strategic courtroom presence, particularly in personal injury cases.

Our team is adept at managing arbitration processes, a testament to our leadership in the legal field. Kamyar R. Shayan, Esq., the head of our trial team, has successfully filed and won numerous cases involving complex legal remedies such as receiverships and injunctions.

Expertise in financial documentation is another cornerstone of our practice. Our trial lawyers possess a deep understanding of business accounting and bookkeeping, which often plays a crucial role in litigation.

In the realm of personal injury, we leverage our extensive experience to pursue justice against negligent parties, including drivers and property owners. We have a track record of facing off against insurance company defense teams in jury trials. Our team is skilled in navigating insurance claims, securing coverage, and facilitating the appointment of defense counsel by insurance providers.

Additionally, we offer guidance to institutional property managers and private landlords on strategies to minimize legal risks. Our goal is to provide comprehensive legal support to our clients, ensuring they are well-represented in all facets of litigation and risk management.



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